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              Choose Guoqi · Choose Quality

              There are strict requirements for equipment and after-sales service, and the four major advantages can solve your problems

              01Years of experience in environmental protection equipment production

              Jiangmen Guoqi Ecological Environment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a technological enterprise dedicated to the production of environmental protection equipment and sewage treatment equipment.

              02Provide environmental protection equipment suitable for you

              An excellent team of experts will provide you with special design, material selection and guidance, and tailor-made integrated waste gas and sewage treatment systems for different process environments.

              03Continuous R&D innovation and progress

              Advanced technology, rigorous attitude and continuous innovation concept, insist on going deep into the customer's site, understanding the customer's changing working conditions and needs.

              04Provide comprehensive technical support

              We will adhere to the "customer first" concept and rely on strong technical service and after-sales service to solve the environmental problems around you.

              Create better environmental protection equipment and products, and cast an influential environmental protection system brand

              Welcome new and old customers to inquire!

              About Guoqi

              Jiangmen Guoqi Ecological Environment Equipment Co., Ltd.

              Jiangmen Guoqi Ecological Environment Equipment Co., Ltd. takes ecology, water treatment, and high-tech as its business themes, and takes beautification of the environment and optimizing life as its historical mission. Over the years, it has focused on improving the ecological environment, striving to create better environmental protection equipment and products, ...


              On-site research

              Sampling test

              Process test

              Customized solutions

              engineering design

              Construction and installation

              Equipment debugging

              Engineering acceptance

              Guoqi News

              Create a more beautiful blue sky, green mountains, clear water, and leave a clean environment for our children and grandchildren!

              How to maintain environmental protection equipment in Jiangmen

              1. The user shall carry out the concrete foundation construction according to the basic data provided by our company; the equipment should be installed on the concrete foundation more than 100 mm above the ground; 2. The supporting pipes and valves shall be separately supported and shall not be fixed on the tower equipment; 3. Attention shall be paid to the protection of the equipment during installation, so as not to damage the machine body and exposed parts. When the tower flange is connected

              Ten maintenance details of spray tower of Jiangmen Guoqi environmental protection waste gas treatment equipment

              Exhaust tower, in the type of exhaust tower, is one of the exhaust towers with long service life. It can deal with almost all mixed gases, so far it is a very practical and cheap product in the treatment of mixed waste gas. It is widely used in chemical industry, light industry, printing and dyeing, medicine, pharmacy, steel, machinery manufacturing, electronics, electroplating, painting, paint and other industries. It mainly deals with tail gas such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrofurani

              Common points for attention in installation of waste gas and wastewater treatment equipment in Jiangmen

              1. The user shall carry out the concrete foundation construction, and the installation surface of the foundation shall be on the same horizontal plane, and the allowable error shall not be greater than 5mm. The exhaust pipe of purification tower can be fixed by derrick type, and the foot is fixed with embedded steel plate by welding or embedded bolt. Therefore, the purification tower can not be fixed in general. The matching FRP fan is generally designed as steel frame vibration damping pedestal

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